I'm Haley, a product designer based in sunny Singapore.


I love creating things - from digital products to handmade crafts, all with a human touch.

When I'm not working, I love to be with nature.


“Throughout Haley’s time with Ninja Van, she has consistently proved to be an exceptional product designer, making significant contributions that greatly benefited our team and the projects we undertook. Her greatest strengths lie in her knack for problem identification and exceptional planning skills: she helped bridge knowledge and collaboration gaps between business and tech stakeholders within her Pricing & Finance vertical. Her expertise in design thinking enabled the team on multiple occasions, to communicate the differences in perspectives, and then helped them to work towards common business goals. It is rare to encounter a designer like Haley, whose ability to navigate complex product and business concepts through hard work and personal discipline is something everyone can learn from.”

Ong Yu Jing
Design Vertical Lead @ Ninja Van

“From the time I hired Haley, I was incredibly impressed with her drive and intuition to be able to pick up things faster than anyone I have come by in my entire career. Although there was a functioning beta product called Clinic Cloud already, it was Haley that first initiated the UX research on the dentist users of the product. Of course, it was not just the UX research but also the frontend designs of all these features that Haley also provided which paved the way for product managers like myself to assess technical feasibility and initiate development.”

John Kang
Head of Product @ Zenyum
“Haley was a fantastic mentor and team member in the tech impact team here at Tech For She. I was always struck by her ability to create this safe, collaborative space while she facilitated the learning of the UX bootcamp mentees. She’s present, and she thinks of the most thoughtful questions. It was a pleasure to work with you Haley! Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm.”
Rachel Chong
Product Designer at Lendlease