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Partner dental clinicians and assistants are an important stakeholder in the Zenyum aligner ecosystem. They work closely with Zenyum to ensure that a patient’s aligner journey is smooth and their desired smile is achieved.
A platform to coordinate and standardise treatment planning and monitoring procedures with our dental partners to ensure that all customers receive the same level of care and service regardless of which clinics they are assigned to.

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SaaS platform

Understanding the user behaviour, needs, and jobs to be done
To understand the needs of dental clinicians and assistants, I conducted many in-person interviews with dentists, nurses and receptionists at the clinic. Using contextual inquiry methodology, these clinic visits allowed me to connect to my users by interviewing and observing them in their work environments. On top of that, I also consulted my internal dentistry team regularly to learn dental terms and procedures in order to better understand the common terms used by my users.
User flows and wireframing
Visualising the most efficient way to complete tasks
Given that these users are busy professionals who deal with a large volume of patients everyday, one of the primary goals was to minimize the number of steps that users need to take to complete different tasks - from uploading dental scans and x-rays, to approving a treatment simulation plan.
Delivering a comprehensive, reliable yet simple platform
Together with the UI designer in the team, we overhauled the design of the platform by referencing industry-standards for other SaaS products in the market. The launch of the product not only strengthens Zenyum’s working relationship with our partners, but also aligns with the overall business objectives of increasing turn-around-time for treatment planning and empowering our partners to deliver quality dental care to our patients.

Hear from my teammates

John Kang, Head of Product (Clinic Experience) at Zenyum
“Haley was the sole Product UX Designer on my product team which I led as a Head of Product at Zenyum. From the time I hired Haley, I was incredibly impressed with her drive and intuition to be able to pick up things faster than anyone I have come by in my entire career.

In terms of her role as a Product UX Designer, Haley has shown abilities in both UX research and Design. Although there was a functioning beta product called Clinic Cloud already, it was Haley that first initiated the UX research on the dentist users of the product. She eagerly approached the doctors, even sharing her personal number with them and tried to get to know what exactly were those pain points doctors faced that perhaps could be solved through using an automated software. The user insights she gathered were instrumental in creating key features of the clinic cloud, such as the Patient Card which consolidated all the information on a patient’s profile that the doctor needed in one single page. Of course, it was not just the UX research but also the frontend designs of all these features that Haley also provided which paved the way for product managers like myself to assess technical feasibility and initiate development.

Overall, I believe Haley to be great Product UX Designer with more room to grow in the future. Knowing her strengths, I would be more than happy to recommend her as a strong addition to any team that needs her abilities.”
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