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Mentor and facilitator for UX workshops



At Tech For She, I contributed as a mentor and facilitator at two of their programmes - Learning Pitstop and YouthTech UI/UX bootcamps. I had the opportunity to mentor 40 aspiring UX designers. This was a pro-bono service to give back to the design community.
As a mid-career switcher and a graduate of the General Assembly UX course, I found it meaningful to share my experience and learnings with aspiring UX designers. By doing so, I benefit from learning by teaching and expanded my network with like-minded individuals and fellow mentors.

" Be the senior you needed as a junior. "

Mentoring two self-initiated projects
Learning Pitstop Bootcamp
Learning Pitstop was a 10-weeks bootcamp where participants worked on small group projects in tandem with the weekly lecture curriculum. I was tasked to mentor two groups of participants through their self-initiated projects. On a weekly basis, I conduct consultation sessions with mentees to guide them through each step of the UX design thinking process - from identifying a project topic, coming up with research questions, consolidating insights to running a crazy-8s session!
Mentoring two self-initiated projects
YouthTech UI/UX bootcamp
YouthTech UI/UX bootcamp was held in collaboration with National Youth Council Singapore. It was a four-weeks bootcamp where participants were introduced to basic UX design concepts. I facilitated the break-out sessions where participants were given hands-on activities like affinity mapping.

Hear from other mentors

Rachel Chong, Product Designer at Lendlease
“Haley was a fantastic mentor and team member in the tech impact team here at Tech For She. I was always struck by her ability to create this safe, collaborative space while she facilitated the learning of the UX bootcamp mentees. She’s present, and she thinks of the most thoughtful questions. It was a pleasure to work with you Haley! Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm.”